Joel Parkinson and Teahupo'o, 16 Years Later


It's been 16 years since Joel Parkinson made the pilgrimage to the End of the Road and stared down Teahupo'o. In the time since, he's had more than his fair share of the barrels, and punishing wipeouts, that only Teahupo'o can administer. He's come close to Tahitian glory but fallen short to close friend and rival Mick Fanning and as he'll tell you, a win at Chopes would be a moment to savor in his storied career. Learn more about Parko and his relationship to this special stop on the CT in this interview. Visit our site for the latest athlete news or follow us on social for up to the minute updates - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Snapchat - Billabong Or visit

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