Under the Influence


Under The Influence Starring Damien Hobgood, Kyuss King, Jett Schilling, Jackson Bunch and Wyatt McHale in Indonesia Damien Hobgood’s latest endeavor, as a mentor to some of the world’s best up-and-coming groms, might not put him in the spotlight like a ‘CT win at Cloudbreak or a 50-footer at Nazaré, but, according to him, it’s equally as rewarding. Which is why he’s so passionate about organizing trips like this recent one to Indonesia with Kyuss King, Jett Schilling, Jackson Bunch, and Wyatt McHale, where he offered insight and advice on everything from technique, to board choice, to wave selection, to positioning in big surf, and so much more. “For a while, I had people asking me about doing other coaching, even stuff back on Tour, but that just wasn’t where my passion was.” Damien said. “Mentoring these kids is where I felt I could have the most impact. And I’ve found out I enjoy it even more than I ever thought I would. It’s been really rewarding for me.” Click play above to watch Damo give the groms a crash course in everything from rippable Uluwatu to flexing, Teahupo’o-esque, 8-foot Lakey Peak.

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